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Thera, 15, she/her reblogs things and writes stuff and rambles in the tags. Tags under 'Rivermont' are my pet project with good friend Jo.

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So I decided to make a click and drag considering i have never seen one in this fandom before : / 

inspired by this post

it was a pain in the butt to make (two days!) so if you repost what you got, please link it back to this! plus, i really want to see what you got lol

((Grew up in the North Pole, Ted Wiggins is my love interest, Rapunzel’s my best friend, I’m a peasant, Turbo’s my worst enemy and Sergeant Calhoun is my sidekick.))

Grew up with the Croods, love intrest Flynn Rider (aw yiss), best friend Anna (duuuude), occupation of Wizard, worst enemy Mordu, and I Think my sidekick was Toothless.